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Discover The Story That Started It All

Read about how Kennewick Auto Body came to be

At Kennewick Auto Body, we believe that cars can be a passion. That's why our owner, George Hickman, moved from Philadelphia to Washington State with a tank of gas and a big dream. In 1986, he began working for local auto body shops and honing his craft. In 1988, he opened up a shop of his own in Kennewick dedicated to providing exceptional auto body work. He named it George's Customs and Classics.

Making car care a local business

It wasn't long before George began to think about the town of Kennewick. He realized that there weren't any locally owned auto shops that truly reflected the spirit of the town since the closing of Kennewick Auto Body years ago.
In 1989, George decided to rename his shop Kennewick Auto Body in honor of the former town staple. It wasn't until three years ago that the shop was moved to a new, more convenient location-the same spot that housed the original Kennewick Auto Body years before.
Take your car to the auto body shop founded by and for Kennewick locals-stop by Kennewick Auto Body today.